It was time to bring it back to basics. 

To be me. 

Free and Expressive. 

My personal blog. Some of it may not be pretty, but it will be real. 

Everything Lifestyle, Business, Mindset, Music, Wellbeing, Spirituality and Social Impact. 

A lens into my life with a mission to be better and do better in hopes that it inspires someone to not give up. 

Party with a Purpose

Any excuse to get together. 

Whether to dance with our ancestors, break bread or be inspired. 

Stay tuned for upcoming Events. 

Travel & Experience

Get the download on where to go and what to where you can meet like minded. 

Step in to my  paradigm? 

Lifestyle Coaching

It’s time we accept the responsibility for our journeys.

How are you showing up and where do you want to be better?


My global insight has allowed me to expand between cultural etiquettes, cross corporate boundaries and  infuse personal and spiritual development into non traditional environments that have inspired, empowered and motivated individuals on and off stage. 


Finding the right person who believes and breathes the brand is key.  

If it's  going to make something or someone better then we should talk.  

AMI Global Consulting

Want to enhance your brand image and expand reach?

An international Lifestyle consulting agency that specializes in Image & Brand Development